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👋 Hello @anx@twtxt.net, welcome to twtxt.net, a Yarn.social Pod! To get started you may want to check out the pod’s Discover feed to find users to follow and interact with. To follow new users, use the ⨁ Follow button on their profile page or use the Follow form and enter a Twtxt URL. You may also find other feeds of interest via Feeds. Welcome! 🤗


(#womrxga) @anx@twtxt.net I guess one thing to keep in mind is we’re building out support for “sync” a local feed twtxt.txt on disk somewhere with a feed you may have on a pod, like the one you have here. If that makes sense? Would that be of interest to you?


(#womrxga) @anx@twtxt.net Not according to the #url part of the Metadata spec. We consider the first # url = to be the URI used to form the Twt Hash. So if this is the same in both feeds (for example) with identical content and timestamps, they should hash the same.

What we don’t do however is trust the url field at all.

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