Woke up today to the sound of my neighbors fire alarm going off 😳

No fire though that I can see or smell 🤞

They still haven’t noticed it themselves! It’s loud as hell so I’m.not sure how they haven’t noticed 🤦‍♂️🤣


(#zecgchq) @portlandbeer@neotxt.dk Not really… Where are you from btw? This particular law that was passed was one of the most recent and quite up there on the “stupid list”. It serves/served only one purpose, to prop Rupert Murdoch up. It had/has nothing to do with anything about media and news and fairness or any of the crap.


(#zecgchq) Yes, Thanks Scotty from marketing. Of course the new law has worked, it has worked wonderfully for Rupert Murdock and no-one else! 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for nothing you lousy Liberals 🤣


(#vssz2da) @justamoment@twtxt.net Hey I just cloned and tried this little game of yours! 😅 This is amazing, really quite good and in only ~600 lines of Go 👌 Very nice! I might show this to my youngest daughter to play 😆 – Now you just need to have levels, sound, music and so on… 🤣