(#m6xngra) @mutefall@twtxt.net IIRC, we gave Juniper a try a while back. 🤔 Something wasn’t right, but I don’t remember anymore what it was (probably the API not being available or not good enough?). 🫤 But this was 5 years ago or more, maybe it has changed …

I hope we can stay with MikroTik for a while. Changing switches is not that much fun. 😂


(#tjxzyuq) Votes haven’t been fully counted yet but I think we’ve successfully kicked out / fired the (corrupt as fuck) Liberals in Australia finally! 😆


anybody have any advice about picking out a desk chair? the one I’m using makes my butt go numb if I don’t have my feet propped up on something, and I’m starting to think that’s not just a Quirky Bisexual Trait


(#xwr5mfa) It’s not very well known. It should be. The CEO has asked me to help promote it a bit better. The reason it’s not so well known, is these guys have focused on features and user experience over “marketing”. Let’s help them by promoting this little gem 👌


Good call tonight, touched on some interesting topics.

  • Use cases for encrypted feeds (#770)
  • Trying to reproduce “Bad Request” when replying to a twt (#ej6bbpq)
  • Categorization of feeds (Lists) (#937)
  • Media uploads using yarnc
  • Handling NSFW content (#944)


there seems to be a risk of people actually seeing my writing these days and it makes me go full hedgehog in the footnotes – four defensive footnotes is after they were pared down


there is one correct answer here and that answer is “seven dollars”, and I might also allow “six ninety nine” only if you live somewhere without any sales tax


i have a theory that when you meet someone who truncates something like “$6.99” in speech as “six dollars”, you know that person has never been broke


(#m6xngra) @prologic@twtxt.net I’ve tcpdump’ed and wireshark’ed the shit out of this. 😂 It’s not very helpful. I’d need to gain insight into the decision making of the switch itself. Why does it drop certain packets? That’s almost impossible to find out (unless it happens to be included in the switch’s logs, which it usually isn’t).

Like @mutefall@twtxt.net said, it’s usually some kind of misconfiguration. Hence you begin to dump the entire switch config into a file and then run diff against the config of a working switch. 🤣 Sometimes this approach works, sometimes it doesn’t …

We recently changed from Cisco to MikroTik switches. At least those switches offer some kind of basic API, which means we can configure them via our config management – instead of using the switch’s web UI or SSH, like some cave men. That should make our life much easier.

Honestly, all the switches I’ve seen so far were total crap. So far, MikroTik is the best thing. Maybe there are actually good switches out there, but they probably cost a ton of money, and we can’t afford that.


(#m6xngra) @prologic@twtxt.net In this particular case: Figuring out why a switch decided not to forward ARP broadcasts to certain switch ports. Like, you connect two devices to the switch ports 3 and 4 and they can ping each other – but when you move one of them to port 5, no ping anymore. So, rather low-level stuff.

Or, we have another switch that intermittently doesn’t respond on its management IP anymore (even when you connect your laptop directly to the switch with no other networking hardware in between). I still haven’t figured out this issue.


Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work.

Exhausting. You never get a full picture. You poke a little here, poke a little there, … Form a hypothesis and test it. Eventually, maybe, you can narrow it down a bit to some segment or even some component.

A very time consuming process. Even more so if you try not to cause downtimes for your users.

I want a magical device that allows me to look inside a cable/fibre.

But hey, at least we got rid of a bunch of Cisco switches in the process. So there’s that.