(#6mdvn3q) Business pushing for recession. They all over hired during the pandemic to meet higher traffic levels and now those levels are dropping back to normal. absolutely bad resource planning all around.


What’s with all these tech companies going through massive layoffs. The latest one is Intel, but instead they’re cutting salaries to avoid laying off.


(#b2xqpjq) @thecanine@twtxt.net To hand in some types of garbage (e.g. construction rubble over one bucket load) at the local civic waste collection points you have to pay a fee. But you’ll find all sorts of crap in the wild that you can dispose of for free at these centers. No idea what they are thinking. It remains a mystery.


(#jtwsmaa) @abucci@anthony.buc.ci This is quite hard to do really. Because the “web app” is a server-side rendered (SSR) app. Mobiles Apps are not normally written this way (in fact they never are). They are two very different code-bases, which is why we spend a lot of effort on the client and the API. On a side note, I’m also working in parallel on a way to “embed” Go code (as a client) in a Flutter App in the hopes for more reusability for Salty.im – If we can pull that off, it’ll also help improve the reuseability of client features and improve on keeping things DRY for the Yarn.social app 👌


(#5oje4nq) @bender@twtxt.net I think I might actually follow all three of his accounts, so I hear you’re actually correct in this case. 😆

also need to talk to you about the other case that you discovered that I promised I will try and fix, which I realized I wasn’t completely 100% sure what was going on 🤦‍♂️


(#c3pmcpa) Anyway, even if I did, which I’m sure I did, it wasn’t intention to say that I hate all SQL database outright, but rather my inner rage in this case comes from developers far too often reaching for that shiny *SQL database (doesn’t really matter what it is), only to discover when you go looking under the covers at the source code and what data is being stored, accessed and manipulated, it could. have been done with a simple embedded KV store or even a SQLite database. But no, instead, you have to worry about this extra component 🤦‍♂️

As a big proponent of self-hosting, I find this an anti-pattern.