(#ybjlgha) @darch@neotxt.dk Titles and subjects are two different things in my opinion. A title is a caption, brief summary or some description of a longer content that follows. A subject is a – in this case human readable – reference in a reply to some topic in order to group several twts to a conversation. Forks aside, the first twt starting a discussion typically doesn’t have a subject. But some article would have a title in most cases. You are right in that the subject mechanism could be abused for a crude title implementation. I wouldn’t do it, though.


it’s one of those things where you can roll some of it around and say that it’s nuanced and complicated and refer to its original context but also then, downstream of tolkien, you look at What The Culture Did With The Idea Of Evil Fantasy Races and….. yike


(#oa6727a) @darch@neotxt.dk As I said in the issue, I’m guessing Simple CSS doesn’t have any styles for modal dialog(s)? 🤔

Also as an aside, I realied I can actually turn off Link Verification and Set my preference to Original Media, so at least there’s a work-around on per-user Settings until we fix this 👌


(#ybjlgha) @mckinley@twtxt.net Even though I miss a title for general purposes, I’m not sold of cramming it into twtxt. It’s just not made for it. To only announce new articles, that format would work, though. It’s basically what some people already do, except a space rather than a tab is used between the title and link.


(#zogehjq) @prologic@twtxt.net Referenced links also work on the Web client, but I tried both CommonMark syntax options for the horizontal rule and only one worked on Goryon.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. We should have a concrete specification so Markdown can be rendered consistently between client implementations.


(#xvx7mta) I think I broke it, though, because I started a game alone and then accidentally pressed ctrl+c. When I try to log back in, it says there’s a game in progress and I can’t start a new one. Sorry about that…


(#rbkm6dq) @prologic@twtxt.net I don’t know if a metadata field is strictly necessary. I think there ought to be a defined set of syntax that all clients with Markdown support can be expected to handle in the same way. CommonMark maybe? It looks like Yarn supports most of CommonMark already, though I’ve never seen a horizontal rule. Let’s try it:

Some text here