Shall we promote the filter_and_lists feature in yarnd? 🤔 I still don’t like where the Logout button is, but I’ve gotten used to it 😅 (you are right it’s hardly used really)


(#2atsloq) I don’t understand what we’re doing here. We either ban the use of combustion fossil fuels or we don’t and let the Earth be scorched 🤦‍♂️ I thought Germany was a pretty progressive country 🤔


Stuck at home these last few days, sick. Can’t do a lot except … watching pool. Lots of it. 🤣

Some of my highlights:

#ya3pdqq There appears to be a bunch of actors on the domain that I believe you are following. I only know this from logs and because the Activity Pub implementation is still highly experimental and still fixing a lot of shit™ 😅    | time="2023-03-25T16:53:25Z" level=warning msg="dropping note from to since no-one is following"

In an effort to ensure we don’t receive and inject shit™ (spam) we don’t want nor ever followed, yarnd will ignore actors for which no-one follows on the pod. So, can I get you to please do me a favour?

Please Unfollow and Refollow any actors you care about please 👌