(#ktuzmua) @movq@www.uninformativ.de Right, this makes sense. Also, @bender@twtxt.net reported the same over in https://twtxt.net/conv/ilupk5q. That whole conversation looks like that for me: Bender edits in red, notices in fuchsia (probably edits and leaves the message unchanged), and prologic acknowledges in orange. This conversation over here is marked in lime. Yeah, tt doesn’t filter out duplicates. Maybe I should implement that.


These 24°C were brutal. The cow in 03 was standing in the bog, not sure why she liked this brackish water. It sounded “tchlk, schlk” when she moved around in that mud (what do you call that?). Some of these canyons, like 14, are over 30cm deep. Wow. In 15 at a height of two meters, a torn rag hangs in the tree in the creek bed. It’s crazy to see how high the flood came in 16 with all the washed up stuff in the hedge.



(#jsymjza) @bender@twtxt.net Honest question (since I obviously know very little about this): Can you debug this? Let’s take the strawberry example. Can you pinpoint which bytes in your data/model/code/whatever are responsible for the answer “there are 2 Rs”, and then go ahead and fix them without affecting anything else?


(#uv4hlfa) @movq@www.uninformativ.de Yes, classical “Abraummulden” and “Abrollcontainer”. I haven’t heard of any numbers yet, but I imagine that 100 houses have been affected. Probably more.

Here are a few photos: https://eislingen-online.de/_artikelanzeige.php?bearbeiten=_2024/2024_1150

But it’s worse downstream in Ebersbach/Fils, if you want to read up on that. That’s where the noise barrier collapsed onto B10 (I was mistaken on that regard, though, it wasn’t the real river, but an overflowing water retention reservoir or something like that uphill that created a giant river, rushing down the streets and gardens, ripping out the accustic barrier). When water levels slightly dropped on Sunday evening, everybody here thought that we survived with only small damages, if at all. So the local fire service responded to help in Ebersbach where it had really escalated. However, they had to return shortly after, when a massive thunderstorm surprised us with very heavy rain and “land submerged” was reported back at home.


(#uv4hlfa) Went down to the creek and there’s a skip in front of every house. Oh dear. Normally, the creek is a few meters below the tree line in 01-03. But as you can see, it went over the fields, several tens of meters wide.

The fire engine house next to the creek was also flooded. But the operational capability of the fire brigade was not affected as they already responded.

It’s crazy how the relatively shallow field road on top of the hill looks. It was already in bad shape, but that’s now another level. The drainage area is rather small, but tons of gravel is now in the meadows. 10cm deep holes and ditches in the road. The very loose gravel is difficult to cycle and walk on.


Speaking of “AI” … I guess I gotta find out soon how to disable/sabotage Microsoft’s “Recall”, before this garbage takes over the family computers. 😩

(There’s no way the people in question will switch operating systems. I’ve tried, countless times.)


(#22qa4ca) @prologic@twtxt.net Sometimes some “coding AI” spits out some partially useful snippet, and then one of us nerds panics and claims the end is nigh. I think that’s about it. 🤔

All these “AI” topics are extremely boring to me. (Traditional) computer stuff is a hobby and a passion of mine because I can understand it. How does an operating system work, how does a web server work, how does a keyboard work, how do you do 3D graphics, … All those are things that I can learn and understand, and that’s the thrill. But anything related to “AI”? It’s just statistics and a large model that spits out something for some reason … Super boring. I couldn’t be less interested.

And on top of that, “AI” requires a ton of energy (as far as I know), which we, as a species, cannot afford right now. It needs to stop.


(#uv4hlfa) Between Friday 8am and Monday 8am it rained 161 liters per square meter. Our weatherman in town measured alone 40 liters on Sunday between 22:30 and 23:45. On average we get 92 liters in total in the entire May and 96 liters in June. It was a lot, but i didn’t think it was actually that much. Wow!

Down in the town a lot of houses have been flooded. The municipality provided containers for all the garbage. From what I read it was the smaller creek, not the larger river that went absolutely berserk.


(#uv4hlfa) @prologic@twtxt.net It was not the river water, but the rain water that found its way into the basement. It rained for a few days straight. So the ground was completely saturated at one point in time. Sunday to Monday night there was a ton of more really heavy rain, new water could not sink down anymore, so it leaked through the tight hole where the cables enter the house in the basement. That’s roughly a meter above the basement floor. A tiny, tiny bit of fine sand accumulated on the floor beneath the hole.

I didn’t even know that water can get through that hole in the wall, looks completely sealed to me. But as we learned, it is not sealed enough. I didn’t see it flowing in, I just noticed the standing water on Monday morning.


The river upstream kissed the hundred-year flood level (462 cm) the other day. https://www.hvz.baden-wuerttemberg.de/pegel.html?id=00265 (To me that link looks broken, but maybe it works on other browsers. :-?)

I’m on a hill, far away from the river, but with all that rain and soaked ground the water finally came into the basement where the cables enter the house over night. Luckily, just 15 mm high, so it didn’t jump the doorsill into other rooms. And it was all clear, no muddy mess, all nicely filtered through the earth, gravel and sand. My shop vac is also designed to work as a wet vacuum cleaner, so that was really helpful.


(#112549635186632640) Remember a few months ago when I was ranting about #Meta’s bullying tactics regarding their new terms of services? Well, I did not get myself rid yet of my Facebook account (my bad), and they’re at it again.

Just savor the beauty in this sentence that is part of their email to EU residents:

“If your objection is honored, it will be applied going forward.”


(#112547858263642219) #ISOC, #APDSI, @d3 e #AP2SI juntaram-se para organizar um debate para as eleições europeias sobre tecnologia.

Com maior sucesso que a @ansol@ansol que na @FestaSoftwareLivre@FestaSoftwareLivre no ano passado só conseguiu contar com a participação de @BlocodeEsquerda@BlocodeEsquerda e #CDU, este debate mais recente contou com a presença de #AD, @BlocodeEsquerda@BlocodeEsquerda #CDU e @LIVRE@LIVRE tópicos:



(#112523331886496813) Portugueses: entrámos em dívida com o planeta! ⚠️

Ontem assinalou-se o dia simbólico que marca o Overshoot Day Português, que significa que se todos consumissem como nós, seriam necessários 2,9 planetas para sustentar a humanidade. A partir de ontem, por isso, começámos a usar os recursos de 2025. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

É urgente fazer mudanças! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Para além das ações coletivas e governamentais que devemos exigir, todos podemos contribuir individualmente. Algumas sugestões:

🌍 Escolher alimentos oriundos de agricultura sustentável e preferencialmente local;
🌍 Optar pela partilha de transporte ou utilização de transportes coletivos;
🌍 Adotar a economia circular comprando artigos em segunda mão, evitando desperdício.

Não esperes por 2025 para agir e faz a tua parte!

#Sustentabilidade #PegadaEcológica #MeioAmbiente #DiaDaSobrecarga #ZeroWaste #EconomiaCircular

Texto original da #Zero #MundoZero #onga #ong


(#f3gunra) it won’t have more, I’m sorry, it is my fault. I wanted to create my own training of Muay Boran, and for that I created a program that transforms a youtube channel in twtxt, with the goal to have an alerting that gives me 4 training videos per weekend, the time was suppose to increment + 1 week at each 4 videos. (so I could read it in my feed, each saturday morning like “don’t forget to train on those videos today”) BUT I messed up the time part.

Sorry again.

PS: Yes still active user (reader).