A couple centimeters of snow today. 😊 And I’ve got a loooooooong vacation coming up. Time to relax. 😃

This is my favorite time of the year – by far. Even if it means the snow will freeze in my beard. 😂


(#zkjovca) @prologic@twtxt.net (Mild spoilers ahead.)

Today’s puzzle was one of those where I immediately knew that there must be a solution that does not require actually copying anything. AoC often has these kinds of problems that make it look like you have to create lots of duplicates, multiply objects, stuff like that. That’s often a sign that you can solve it by doing something simple. 😅 (If only that was true in real life as well. 😂)


Today’s #AdventofCode #2023 was a bit of a whoozie 🤣 Not only did I have to work today (today being Monday et all), but also had to deal with a minor incident, then have dinner, etc and by the time I got back to my half-finished day 4 puzzle, I got a bit stuck with the 2nd part 🤦‍♂️ I guess I don’t really like array manipulation, it’s so easy to get lost 🤣


(#apnoyca) @movq@www.uninformativ.de Hah 😅 Hmm 🤔 Yeah all I had to do in the 2nd part was store the YX coordinate of the Symbol for the part, then transpose all the parts into a map of SymbolYX -> Part(s) Note that I call it YX and not XY because the usual way of dealing with this in code, is rows first, then columns, ro Y then X 😅


(#6oq4ywq) @xuu@txt.sour.is Ah, you went with the “scanning” approach as well. I did that, too.

It’s quite surprising to see (imho) how many people on reddit started substituting strings (one becomes 1 etc.). That makes the puzzle much harder by introducing nasty corner cases.

(Maybe I was just lucky this time to pick the correct approach right from the start. 🤣 Or maybe it’s a bit of experience from doing past AoC events …)


I rotated June to September into their own archive feeds. I hope I didn’t mess up. There’s still one or the other manual step involved. I should write a few tests and automate it fully. It might also be a good idea to write a validator program which can check all the feeds for consistency.