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(#yj4so4q) @prologic@twtxt.net There are also some issues with these domains relying on the browsers to automatically put “www.” in front of them, so in some browsers you may need to put it http://www.dogg.oss to get it working. 🤔


(#yj4so4q) @prologic@twtxt.net Yeah, there are still all kinds of problems trying to make these domains work, because most of the Internet just isn’t made to work with alternative domains. It doesn’t work with some browsers at all and https seems to break it too. Using only http breaks some of the fonts on the site, but that may at least make it easier to read, so it’s something I can live with.


(#yj4so4q) @fastidious Not really, this is a network that already includes more similar minded DNS projects resolving each others domains and I really believe that there needs to be an alternative for everything and find the idea of alternative domain solutions very interesting. 🤔

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