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(#sax4t6a) Hmm, so these were just regular web pages? 🤔 Wasn’t there also a thingy called “Channels” or something, which was “special”? That’s what I had in mind … I vaguely remember this showing news from a local TV station …

I really don’t remember anymore. 😅


(#7fs3pwq) That’s such an interesting read – in retrospect.

when browser vendors push RSS so far to the sidelines, companies will respond by replacing RSS with Twitter and Facebook accounts.

That’s pretty much what happened eventually, isn’t it?

The blog post outlines a nice vision of how feeds could have been handled (show them on the browser’s start page and such). That would have been super userful for ordinary users. (Almost reminds me a bit of Microsoft’s “Active Desktop” back in the day. 😅 What did that use under the hood? Probably not RSS, that wasn’t around yet, I think?)


(#7fs3pwq) Ah, yeah, that is a bit older. To be honest, I kind of understand them there. Was the “live bookmark” feature ever useful? That wasn’t an actual feed reader, mostly because it lacked a “notification” mechanism (inform the user about new items).

It would have been nice if they hadn’t removed the indicator icon as well. You know, that little icon in the address bar that informs users when a web site offers a feed. Via that icon, users could discover the mere fact that feeds even exist.


(#gsewnyq) Seeing some duplicates of my feed there. 😅 Also, at least mine (gopher:// is gopher-accessible and I know a few others (not many, though).

How do you identify a feed? Did you take the url metadata field into account (if present)?

#du52ema users keep mentioning me as, which is not correct. The www. is missing. Is there something we can do about that or should I extend my client so that it recognizes this as “me”, too? 😅