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(#pdogumq) This is the colse-sourced part:
So far it’s only a spam filter, but it’s still code running on the server that no one can look at, so counts in my book.

Also I guess my arguments about the protocol and crypto aren’t the strongest, but the truth is that I just don’t like the fact that it’s just another similar protocol and similar crypto that I want to have absolutely nothing to do with.

It’s the same as brave browser, I’d never download it, because I want a browser, not adware, crypto-wallet, torrent client and other garbage I do not like.


(#hmtxdza) At least when the mobile app does it, it happens rarely and only when the app gets closed. Today it happened on the website itself, two times in the row, when I was sending a response while in the Yarn.

I don’t know if it would have happened a third time, because after doing it twice, I just sent it from the app.


(#pdogumq) I just thought it was trying to be too many things at once, I don’t want a new crypto currency thing, I don’t want another SMS and calling app, when I already got Truecaller to block annoying people from calling me. They also preach open-source and yet parts of the app have been close-sourced already.

Still none of this would have been that much of a problem, if the whole thing just wasn’t too little, too late. When I tried it, only one person I know was willing to give it a chance, as it’s not that revolutionary and most people already got burned by apps like Keybase in the past, so at this point the solution isn’t another app that will probably be bought by someone and go to shit like all the ones before it, but rather a protocol like XMPP, which has many clients and can’t just he bought and abused.


(#xbn6g5q) I agree with the first part, hopefully it indeed becomes more widely uaed.

I don’t use Signal, when I want privacy I use XMPP, at best with OMEMO encryption in DMs. But that’s obviously not something I’m able to use talking to most people, so at times I have to use the garage like Facebook Messenger, MS Teams or Discord.

With Discord I still kinda like a lot of things about it and wouldn’t even call it garbage, if the company wasn’t so money hungry.

Speaking of garbage, this is the third time I’m writing this reply, it keeps logging me out when I try sending it, if it happens again, I’ll stab someone. 🔪


(#xbn6g5q) Yeah, it’s a story as old as time, I remember when I joined KeyBase. It had private messages, place to link and verify your social media and keys, later they also added some weird crypto integration and than it got bought by some Chinese company and the privacy went right out the window.
So I don’t really trust these new services asking for a phone numbers and offering weird crypto integrations that no one ever asked for.
I gave Signal a try and didn’t really like it. Telegram was a tiny bit better, but still think it’s not even work to keep it installed on my phone.


(#75wlltq) I can’t code everyday, can’t even draw everyday either, especially during these busy, exam-filled days.
But I enjoy the YouTube channels Ashens and MrWeeble usually having advent calendar-ish video projects and the site having an advent calendar with free software, but there is rarely any good software in there. 🙃


(#hhbovzq) I don’t know if we’re on the same page, but this new Twitter rule seems kinda abusable. What if you’re recording something news-worthy, like crimes, fights, natural disasters with people in the video? Don’t the laws you mention only apply to places with reasonable explanations of privacy? How are you supposed to take pictures of literally anything someone is standing next to? And many more questions that just keep coming to my mind.


(#yj4so4q) @fastidious Not really, this is a network that already includes more similar minded DNS projects resolving each others domains and I really believe that there needs to be an alternative for everything and find the idea of alternative domain solutions very interesting. 🤔


(#yj4so4q) Yeah, there are still all kinds of problems trying to make these domains work, because most of the Internet just isn’t made to work with alternative domains. It doesn’t work with some browsers at all and https seems to break it too. Using only http breaks some of the fonts on the site, but that may at least make it easier to read, so it’s something I can live with.


(#u6n4yka) It is new, the domain has been registered for about a month now and left the testing phase yesterday, when the records were updated to the correct site, so it might take some time to get to the other servers. But it already WorksForMe TM.
And yes, you should absolutely start your own, because I think that if you run it for some time you get the right to claim your own too level, so you could make “.yarn” a thing, or something else that you’d like.