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(#5nagu7q) My bad, it will apparently be possible, I just don’t fully understand how, but keys can encrypt a message to multiple recipient.

echo -n "My secret 🤓" | keys encrypt -armor -sender gabriel@github \
-recipient kex1ts0qw8fwkvle2f2xsqumetmr9ev5ppx22rl5hnycen68sanjzl7qnta629 \
-recipient kex1ts0qw8fwkvle2f2xsqumetmr9ev5ppx22rl5hnycen68sanjzl7qnta627 > msg.enc


(#5nagu7q) But the real issue is that if you use an app it’s easy to store the private asymmetrical key and use it “locally” but through web …. Maybe somehow the site can load/ask it locally and store it in the browser cache and then use it in JavaScript to decrypt


(#pwprzqq) I see that you Nuke everything on February 16th, since then I don’t see any reference to quickstart on the code.
Are you rebuilding everything and the go install comes from a version before the Nuke ?


State of the Art on the command line apps for twtxt:
#Twtxt :

  • Great for handling personal files
  • A nightmare to install and find the good requirements.txt
  • Not handling the metadata
  • Not handling web connection (yarnsocial)
    #Twtr :
  • Better than Twtxt for installing And metadata
  • Lacking web connection (yarnsocial) (being developped)
  • Lacking Pre and Post exec (easy to develop)
  • Thread View lacking / User info view lacking
    #Yarnc :
  • Best for yarn social connection
  • Follow/Unfollow/ Thread View / User Info/ View feature missing
  • No files handling (may be hard)


(#tuizh4q) Sorry I’m late, on the discussion, but as I see it. A big redis cluster will solve that issue (Twitter uses it) and a bit of js for the pagination client side. BUT the ability to be able to edit a post (impossible in twitter) makes it hard to have a big redis cluster.
The hardest part will mainly be for the client command line app.