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More moon-plane attempts this morning:



I sat there for about an hour. Most planes did this or this, or flat out that.

The conditions have to be just right:

  • East wind, otherwise the planes take a different route.
  • Almost full moon, obviously, and no clouds.
  • Around sunrise, or it gets too bright outside (moon too dim).
  • The planes have to be at just the right distance (depends on where the moon is). They were already too close today. If they appear smaller than the moon, then this makes the moon look massively big, which makes for a more dramatic effect.
  • I think it has to be summer. The full moon takes a different path in winter. Judging from what I see in stellarium, the best conditions could be right now in August. 🤔 The moon takes a similar path in April, if I’m not mistaken, but that’s way too early in the morning.
  • (Don’t mess up your camera settings, you idiot.)

Also saw a hot air balloon.


(#nik3c4a) Yeah, I get your point. 🤔 It has to be a magical date, though, to avoid ambiguities. “12:03” could mean “3rd of December” for some weird reason, or “12th of March”.

What I keep confusing is m vs. M, and s vs. S. Like, is that “month” or “minute”, “second” or “timestamp”? If it was YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss and T for a timestamp, it would be easier. But no, it’s Y-m-d H:M:S (according to strftime()), a mixture of upper case and lower case. (The easiest way to remember it is probably: “The time H:M:S is upper case, date y-m-d is lower case – and then they noticed Y2K, so Y got added.”)


That’s it, I give in. Officially a Lorna Shore fan now, like all the cool kids. // Lorna Shore - Sun Eater // #NowPlaying

You gotta admire the quality of today’s audio productions. Everything is crystal clear. That in itself is a pleasure to listen to. 👌 Audio engineering really has come a long way. 😍

(If you like this kind of thing, look up the official video of “Into The Earth”. It’s a short horror film. The imagery might be a bit disturbing, depending on what you’re used to, so I won’t link it.)


(#4nxp4mq) (Mandatory post appreciating Angela Gossow, previous vocalist of “Arch Enemy” until Alissa took over. She was a pioneer in metal vocals and one of the first women to make it big time doing harsh growled vocals. Nowadays we have lots of female vocalists who do this kind of stuff – maybe/probably thanks to her –, which is a big plus for the genre. 🤘)