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Introduced a colleague to ed(1) today. “Ohh, that’s nice. I always wanted to have a tool like that.” 🥳 (This refers strictly to ed’s ability to edit files from a script. Like, “search for regex $foo, go down five lines, now search for $bar from here, then change $x to $y in the matching line.”)


Advent of Code 2022 started today.

Anybody else doing it this year? Although, I shouldn’t ask that question. I really want to do it in Rust this year, and avoid all kinds of competition. 😅 (Competition would drive me to not using Rust, because I’m still not very productive with this language.)


Wikipedia is asking for donations again (at least here in Germany). They show a (very annoying) popup. When you close it, a second small popup appears and asks if you would like to donate at a later point. As I actually do intend to donate some bucks later, I clicked “yes”.

Trouble is, that popup appears every time.

Just now, I clicked “no, I do not want to donate” for a change. Turns out, now the popup is gone for good. 🥴

So I now have to click “no” all the time (because I don’t store cookies when the browser closes). This sends the wrong signal to Wikipedia. 😂 I do want to donate, I just want the damn popup to be gone.


(#566rcia) 😂

Gar so stürmisch war es hier in der letzten Zeit nicht. Aber das wäre natürlich noch lustiger, wenn der Topf mitsamt „anonymer Anzeige“ in Sicherheit gebracht und dann wieder rausgestellt worden wäre … 😂

Ich behalte die Situation im Auge. 😏 (Aktenzeichen bringt mich nicht weiter oder ich weiß nicht, wo ich da Infos zu finde.)


(#sjv7a5a) This is so crazy.

I just don’t get how this is not a transitive problem. What good does it do if only some states at the border follow US time? Doesn’t this just shift the problem from, say, Juárez to Ahumada? Before, Juárez had trouble with Texas. Now, Ahumada should have trouble with Juárez, so the issue has just shifted. 🤷

Humans are strange. 🤪 👽


Erster Akt: Jemand stellt einen Blumenkübel mit Blumen für Bienen auf.

Zweiter Akt: Anonyme Anzeige, denn das geht ja schließlich nicht. Wo kämen wir da hin.

Dritter Akt: Nix passiert, steht immer noch da, Hinweisschild vergammelt. 🤣👍


(#yebkxja) Thanks. 🙃 Yeah, I’m pretty high up, but there’s still people above me (so still plenty of opportunity for water damage 😅). But, well, even at the top I’d get water damage, because the roof is leaking. 🤣

The first raptor (4273), oof, I was just a couple of meters away from it – but I didn’t notice and neither did the bird. 🥴 Then we pretty much noticed each other at the same time, I reached for the camera, but of course it flew away. Luckily, it landed again nearby, so it could still make some shots using high zoom.


It looks super foggy from my apartment (tower building and all – I see a plain white wall when I look out the window), so I thought I’d go for a walk and take the camera with me, because fog can make for some great shots. Turns out, it’s only foggy up here, not so much down on the ground. Oh well.

I was hoping for more wet spider webs.

Android killed my GPS logger halfway through, great, thanks for that.


(#rwletgq) Neat indeed. 🤔

While we’re at it, I just learned through that Graphviz (which I’ve used basically forever) is dying:

This project has only 3 of its founders remaining as volunteer maintainers, and support is limited and may end soon. If you can help fund to a more formal foundation to continue this project, please contact north on graphviz org. 😢

D2 does appear to produce better results, though, anyway … 🤔


(#haohlha) Yeah, none of the original twtxt clients support the newer stuff that was developed in the context of That topic in brackets, in particular, is specified in these two documents:

(Which reminds me, and, that the latter is a bit outdated. We don’t use the URL part anymore, just the hash.)

On, three clients are listed:

jenny is my own client, so, to be honest, I never gave the other ones a try. Nevertheless, I presume that they all support the aforementioned extensions.

There certainly is a lack of clients, that’s for sure. We could use more of them. :-)