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(#ha7mmmq) @mutefall@twtxt.net Drop me a note when it happens. :-) Waffles are awesome, I fully agree. And indeed, they work out fine with plant-only material. Some years ago I had to omit the milk because of one person being strongly lactose intolerant. I had also ran out of eggs and didn’t feel like going to the shops, so I simply tried without them. Very surprisingly to me I hardly could tell any difference in regards to taste. I was super baffled that this experiment turned out this good. But maybe homemade apple sauce was key. ;-)


(#ha7mmmq) @mutefall@twtxt.net Apple sauce was originally invented for waffles, I’m totally sure! It’s the perfect fit. Yeah, next time try that, you won’t regret it. :-) But basically anything works. Plum jam is also a pretty hot candidate. Blackberry, raspberry, you name it.

Speaking of apple sauce. That’s also brilliant for pork schnitzel. I was like you guys when I first heard it: “What the heck!? These Aussies definitely want to play a prank on me!” So I waited for them to go first and then hesitantly gave it a try. But man, I was instantly hooked, it’s a very yummy combination, no doubt. If you can’t believe it, think of cranberries served along deer. Not sure about the rest of the world, but in Germany that’s a classic.

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