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(#mb2mkva) Completely off topic: I was hoping to make a redirect rule for Scrolller to Libreddit, but it seems their post IDs are just random.

I did find that the original path on Reddit is in the page inside a stringified JSON object as a global variable defined in a script element. JSON.parse(window.scrolllerConfig).item.redditPath will return the path.

I suppose this could be done with a userscript, but the whole point is to not load the Scrolller page. Interestingly, the first one you posted has been deleted from Reddit.


(#mb2mkva) @mckinley@twtxt.net In the past I was on the brink to write my own frontend, haven’t found any time so far, though. The Scrolller GraphQL API works without API keys. Just not sure if it is documented somewhere or if I have to reverse-engineer it.

Hmm, I can still see both images. Maybe you accidentally scrolled and switched to another one that’s now missing. So here are the plain images: https://images.scrolller.com/zepto/snip-off-yer-damned-ends-bpijdq67wv-750x750.jpg and https://images.scrolller.com/atto/the-more-i-look-the-worse-it-gets-brrgaso9h0-640x1152.jpg

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