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Oh, there is a chance, of course there is a way. Sort of.

Mind you, you will need to choose one of those options: either pay with money or with personal data. And no, choosing to “pay with personal data” isn’t the same as “staying with what you already had”*. But at least you don’t need to accept the new ToS’s if you don’t want to - now I actually went there to read them and compare/check what changes, and there there’s this:

“The updates go into effect on January 12, 2024”

So, until the 12th, you can choose one of those options, backup your data and delete your account, without having to actually accept those terms.

On the other hand, you will accept them by default - if I was on vacations or hadn’t tried to go to facebook until the 12th, I would have accepted it by default, apparently. Of course, I falled into that trap on my own, when I accepted their ToS in the first place, that say that they can change it at any time and you’ve automatically accepted it. I knew back then I shouldn’t have**, but… here we are.


I was feeling bullied, then I found my data is hostage. What next?

Well, the only remaining option is to just delete the account. Right?

Well… wrong. Because, you know, that’s also on those menus you will only have access to if you first accept the terms of service you don’t want to accept. :picardfacepalm:


You can, of course, not accept these changes, and decide to leave Facebook. There’s no time for you to go in and say goodbye, but at least you can download your data before you go.

How? I’m glad you asked. You can do it from two different menus. But… you can’t really access any menus without choosing one of those options (thus first accepting the new terms of service). WTF?


Espantando ninguém:

Marcelo diz que nova versão da lei de metadados continua inconstitucional*.

O que tem mais “piada” é que os partidos que aprovaram esta treta já sabiam que não cumpre, que isto ia ao TC… E estão interessados nisso, porque têm a esperança que seja o Constitucional a dar-lhes “pistas” sobre como legislar sobre a matéria**.

Foram os três partidos mais votados em Portugal!, e vai-se a ver e como legisladores valem zero.

** https://www.publico.pt/2023/10/14/politica/noticia/parlamento-espera-constitucional-pistas-solucao-metadados-2066712


“Sam Altman disse recentemente ser mais fácil fazer as pessoas agir se as confrontarmos com uma ameaça existencial. Se este paradoxo recorda as palavras de Mark Fisher/Frederic Jameson — “É mais fácil imaginar o fim do mundo do que o fim do capitalismo” —, a apropriação mais adequada seria qualquer coisa como: é mais fácil imaginar o fim do mundo do que admitir as falhas da I.A. corporativa. As mesmas pessoas que anunciam o apocalipse descrevem os modelos como ferramentas de propósito geral, capazes de desempenhar qualquer tarefa, e selam contratos para o uso desta tecnologia (por exemplo com o Estado português) num ambiente ainda vazio de regulação. E de compreensão.”



“the European Union (EU) proposed an amendment to the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation that would change provisions related to Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWACs). The proposal could empower governments to compel browsers to validate specific Certificate Authorities (CAs) that may or may not comply with industry best practices for ensuring security online”