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Surprise rain all day long, so the birds weren’t around. Armed with rain trousers and rain jackets we went on a drizzle hike this afternoon. It was very nice. The 4°C didn’t feel that cold at all. More like 10°C. The plastic layer made for a good greenhouse. I had to strip my gloves and beanie a few minutes into the walk.


(#coxfffa) Wow, that’s a lot. Never experienced that much around here. Only in the alps. With the climate change we have less and less snow each year. Last season there were maybe five days where snow actually settled. Definitely less than ten days. Decades ago we had several weeks of snow. So enjoy it while you still have it around. It’ll probably be a thing of the past before you know it. Yeah, currently it feels like a burden, I know. Happy snow shoveling!


(#566rcia) Hähähä, stimmt, aus dem Blickwinkel hab ich das noch gar nicht betrachtet! :-D Ich dachte, dass der angezeigte Blumentopf schon so einige Monate auf dem Buckel hat. Das Datum sieht nach 10. März oder gar Februar aus. Vermutlich dieses Jahr. August oder September können’s nicht sein, denn der Bogen oben links ist offen und nicht geschlossen, also kommen nur 2 und 3 in Frage, nicht jedoch 8 und 9.

Irgendwie unterlag ich der Annahme, dass Aktenzeichen öffentlich zugänglich wären. Aber das muss ein Irrtum sein, denn ich konnt auf die Schnelle auch nix finden. Bin gespannt, was Du uns in Zukunft in der Sache noch so alles berichten wirst. :-)


(#566rcia) Wir befinden uns im Jahre 2022 nach Christus und ganz Deutschland ist von Bürokratie besetzt. Ganz Deutschland? Nein, ein von unbeugsamen Bienen besuchter Blumenkübel hört nicht auf, Widerstand zu leisten. Vielleicht kannst Du ja über das Aktenzeichen etwas in Erfahrung bringen. Interessiert mich auch. :-) Dem Zustand des Zettels nach muss das ja schon eine ganze Weile so gehen. Aber dann wundert mich, dass der ein oder andere Sturm dem Blumentopf samt Inhalt noch nicht den Garaus gemacht hat. Gut, vermutlich rechtzeitig in Sicherheit gebracht worden, um dann wieder rausgestellt zu werden. :-)


(#xiiviea) Yeah, I’ve read about the pet story, too. Very interesting. I know of two dovecots here in the countryside, not sure what their primary reason is, though. Some years ago a mate and I witnessed how a buzzard or something along that nature attacked a pidgeon in the air several times and finally threw it to the ground. I think it didn’t make it in the end. That was fascinating to see, but also very cruel. Well, simply nature. :-/

Cool trick with these pidgeon homes, never heard of them before.


(#35fkjoa) That’s very laudable. However, Selenium is a piece of total shit, straight from hell. I’ve never seen it work reliably. So better don’t have any tests than constantly failing tests where you don’t know if it’s just yet another random test framework glitch or a real problem with your code. Unfortunately, I don’t know of an automated UI testing tool/framework/library that does not completely suck, so I believe, there just is no such thing. And it also cannot really work if you think about it. If there is a UI, there’s no way to get off without manual testing. Sadly. Very sadly. :-( (Yes, one can check the generated HTML, but there’s a lot more to UI testing in my mind.)


(#35fkjoa) Then kill it with fire. ;-) pulls in several databases such as,, and a few other things. Admittedly, only in its tests, but still. Probably still worth looking for a replacement or doing it completely on our own, depending on what is actually needed. Also, I just noticed that this blackfriday markdown library is included in both v1 and v2. I’m sure there are other libraries with the same issue. Gotta do some spring cleaning.


(#35fkjoa) This graph shows all transitive dependencies, but also includes test-only libraries, that don’t make it into the actual productive binary. Dependency removal is always a very good thing. Btw, is anybody using this selenium crap in the tests directory? That’s a low hanging fruit I believe (doesn’t prune whole a lot, though). Awesome, I didn’t know about the why sub command, thanks! At work I wrote a script to filter the go mod graph output in order to find the path(s) how a certain package is pulled in.


(#h4jkm3q) Encountered my very first boar in the wild ever. I thought I scared up a deer (earlier I saw one crossing the path 30 meters ahead of me) in the covert, but surprisingly an adult wild boar ran out. Before I realized it was running away, I was a little scared. But then super excited. Quite a large animal. And luckily there weren’t any piglets around anymore this time of the year. Otherwise I might have been attacked. As usual, I didn’t capture this situation on film.


(#yebkxja) Oh, at what floor are you? That must be a super high tower. And now looking at the first photo it is. Wow!

Your shots look magnificent. You captured the foggy atmosphere very well. I love the raptor photos in particular. Also 4321 and 4332 look fantastic.

Here the sun is out, so I reckon I head out, too. You got me inspired. :-)


(#udtj4fa) Thank you, glad you noticed it! :-D

At 27 the light was already mostly gone. I had to throw away plenty of photos from then on. 31 and following were taken past sunset. 31 was the last one I took freehand. Four the next skyline and moon photos I braced my camera on the side of trees as several minutes had passed since 31. So it was just too dark and calculated exposure times went through the roo^Wsky. Not the slightest chance to do anything without a support. Unfortunately, I cannot control exposure manually. For 35 I could balance my camera on top of a fence post. An internet distribution box was my makeshift tripod for 36. They all took several attempts, maybe 30-40 in total.

Uuhh, while typing these lines, two large herons fly past the window.


And here’s the rest of my stroll. Of course, I couldn’t just go out for bridges and ignore the rest. Just impossible, although I tried. And failed miserably. ;-)

The sun is still powerful at peak 8°C in the shade. When I leaned against a dark oak for a makeshift tripod, the bark felt noticeably warm to the touch. That was very surprising to me. Well, I had cold hands, but still, very unexpected and great experience. However, it’s the wet season, hence deep mud and puddles of standing water everywhere. My shoes were soaked in the end. Totally worth, though.