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(#kmcsx2a) Thanks, mates! It was indeed cool to watch, but also a bit frightening. Quite violent. I reckon they were fighting over prey. I only saw it on the photos (3 & 4), one had a mouse or smomething in its beak. I’m speculating that the other might have thought that this meal belongs to itself as it was caught in its own territory or so. Thus, maybe by crashing into the rival the hope was that the prey is dropped on impact, so it can be stolen back by the rightful owner. Just guessing, I don’t know. I really like red kites, they look super cool in my opinion. Their iconic v-shaped tail makes them unmistakable for others.


(#wpmivjq) Nice! A few things (I can’t fix them myself I reckon):

  • Code blocks would benefit from proper indentation.
  • Interfaces have adverbs as names? I reckon they’re nouns instead.
  • I don’t get what convention ServeHTTP is breaking here.
  • Typo in section “Live Coding Time”: “its”.
  • Typo in section “Receivers Matter”: “Pointer”


(#fu45peq) I really liked it. One or the other section might feel a bit dated, because it is. But that doesn’t hurt the overall experience at all. Currently, I’m continuing with the next one: So far I can recomment this one, too. Both are written in an entertaining style and I feel like I have a little bit better understanding of things than before. But some mental power is required to wrap my head around some sections I’ve noticed. It’s no mind candy. :-) But that’s good. I never worked with any real functional language before. All my FP experience is limited what other languages offer in that field.