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Recent twts from prologic I have a theory as to why your pod was misbehaving too. I think because of the way you were building it docker build without any --build-arg VERSION= or --build-arg COMMIT= there was no version information in the built binary and bundled assets. Therefore cache busting would not work as expected. When introducing htmx and hyperscript to create a UI/UX SPA-like experience, this is when things fell apart a bit for you. I think….


(#uepfgma) I think you’re onto something here. I tend to agree that there are different measures of complexity to apply to different things. The only downside I see here is we start to get into the realms of hierarchy and bureaucracy right, as a means to “simplify” the complexity, or abstract it away. I mean we tend to do this in software too, hide the complexity in an abstraction. The problem with this is this also becomes a measure of “complexity” too right and can potentially suffer from a point where it has become “too complex”.


(#z4ivbfq) I’ve been doing this for a long while too, as you know 😅 Not only am I solving my own problems and those of my family, as well as building/supporting Yarn/Twtxt, and a few others, but I have a long-term vision of trying to get more folks onboard with the idea of self-hosting 🤣


(#5e6d54a) Yeah I”m not really sure to be honest what stops people from contributing. Maybe it’s a discovery problem too? I’m not sure. Should sit down and see what the contributions have been for some of my projects before and after the migration away from Github? 🤔

Are we supposed to “forge hop” (as in “distro hop”) all the time, migrate from the most non-shitty hoster to the next? That can’t be the solution.

I sure hope not, that kind of defeats the point of an ecosystem that is suppose to encourage distributed software development and distributed forms of collaboration. Right? 🤔

How do we collectively improve things?


(#5e6d54a) Since I moved all my projects off of Github for a number of reasons, I’ve also seen a significant decrease in “bug reports”, but more so “contributors” too. But… I’ve always run an up-to-date instance of Gitea at where all my projects live. Despite that, it hasn’t really seen much use beyond a handful of folk, like y’all here 😢 – Sadly today, I’ve had to disable open registration on my Gitea instance, as well as my own Yarn pod (for Twtxt) because of the horrid amount of SPAM you have to deal with and cleanup.

I agree, Email is a giant PITA. I would never ask anyone to send me patches via Email. However on a positive note, I do sometimes get folks reaching out to me on Signal and sometimes Email. Then we form a bit of a relationship, set things up and go from there. That is actually much nicer.

I’m not sure what else we can do? I’m nNOT moving back to Github, ever.


There’s a new interesting regression in yarnd that’s cropped up that results in a " /> at the end of uploaded/links images. I’m not able to figure this bug out yet 😢


(#ielhzia) Yeah he is 😭

2024-07-12T16:52:12-06:00	(#4nlm4ca) Here has been north of 38C all week. Its pretty ick. I would love a bit of rain to cool down.
2024-07-12T16:52:12-06:00	(#4nlm4ca) Here has been north of 38C all week. Its pretty ick. I would love a bit of rain to cool down.

I think it’s invisible to users of yarnd because of the way the cache works 🤣


(#ebsmpza) This is the whole point of this Yarn where I’m trying to figure out with y’all to see if there might possibly be a way to formally measure and manage complexity, budget of a software, system or organization.


(#uepfgma) well that depends on what this 2000 lines of coat does right does the 2000 lines of code basically amount to a linear set of instructions with no branching? Or is that 2000 lines of Covid include lots of conditional branching that make understanding what the program does, difficult and hard to maintain?


(#ebsmpza) but surely it doesn’t just come down to an individuals understanding of a piece of software right? I mean, complexity comes from many different things for example, the number of components the number of sub-systems, lines of code, the number of abstractions, even the complexity of those abstractions., etc..



The new report published Thursday dives into the many types of dark patterns like sneaking, obstruction, nagging, forced action, social proof and others. Sneaking was among the most common dark patterns encountered in the study, referring to the inability to turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions during the sign-up and purchase process. Eighty-one percent of sites and apps studied used this technique to ensure their subscriptions were renewed automatically. In 70% of cases, the subscription providers didn’t provide information on how to cancel a subscription, and 67% failed to provide the date by which a consumer needed to cancel in order to not be charged again