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(#gqqqwca) Yeah I’m not a big fan of making it it too formal really, I sorta tend to think the way we play it by ear is kind of okay anyway 🤔 We probably don’t need to make a big deal as such, it’s fun, that’s all that matters, sometimes we (usually) discuss pretty interesting stuff. 😂


(#hn4w24q) Hmmm 🤔 The problem of course is the code is less readable/understandable 😅 I never thought Go would ever grow generics, but oh well here we are. I guess it’ll take me a while to get used to it 😂


(#4jflvja) Found the problem! Had to do things by hand to figure out wtf was going on!

2022/08/13 23:58:37 build:
exec: "": cannot run executable found relative to current directory
exec: "": cannot run executable found relative to current directory

Has Alpine changed some security policies on their image?! 🤔 🤦‍♂️


(#4jflvja) Don’t you hate it when things breka unexpectedly and you can’t figure out why or how?! 😳 Been racking my brains over this one and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Locally ths tie builds fine, but the docker build (that’s how it’s built and hosted) is somehow missing these bits 🤔


(#gqqqwca) Good question. I’ve been fiddling with the times myself and I’m finding it hard. The one constraint I can’t seem to make work is’s request so it lands on his Sunday morning instead of Saturday. Probl3m with that is I’m then up late the day before my work week (Monday) which isn’t great! 😅 I don’t mind being up late, but I’m getting too old to be up late all the time or just before work the next day 😂

Anyway, who’s coming today? I don’t mind if it’s just you and me


(#rcurxoq) you’re completely right about half of the things that he said in some of his rants which have no basis in fact some of which I think are actually completely wrong as you pointed out.

however the only point that he does make that I do agree with based on my own experiences as well as one of encapsulation which just doesn’t work. In my opinion I think interfaces are a better way to encapsulate behavior ala Go.


(#bqxlviq) +1 on metric driven development (MDD?) Very important to have in a production system, service, whatever (codebase). I’m not going to look at your logs and try to decipher them, I want to see wtf happened at a specific point, then go hunt down logs around that specific time interval.


Object-Oriented Programming is Bad - YouTube

This was a really interesting video. I think he really has a lot of valid points here, especially on encapsulation. I also especially agree on the point of just writing your program procedurally rather than getting bogged down in abstractions that just lead to premature mess – or something I’m paraphrasing 😅

What do you think? 🤔


(#bqxlviq) I think the most interesting thing about errors.New() is just how stupidly simple it really is:

// New returns an error that formats as the given text.
// Each call to New returns a distinct error value even if the text is identical.
func New(text string) error {
	return &errorString{text}

// errorString is a trivial implementation of error.
type errorString struct {
	s string

func (e *errorString) Error() string {
	return e.s

That’s it! 😂