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Bosses Think Workers Do Less From Home, Says Microsoft An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC

Bosses are idiots. This kind of mentality is both outdated and stupid. For some of us we actually work longer hours and get more done with less distractions. Can we stop using the term “boss” and “manager” already FFS?! 🤦‍♂️ Here’s an idea, be a leader, help those around you, lead by example. Ugggh “middle management” 🤬


(#kxlpuda) Yeah I agree errors should be tested too. That’s why Main() has the func Main(w io.Writer, args []string) error 😅 So you can actually assert on the error returned. For a CLI however, I’m not particularly a fan of logging errors to stderr too much (if at all). And re go-cmdtest FWIW a Terminal combines stdout and stderr too by default when displaying the output of a program 😅 – However I filed an issue against the cmdtest project and now I’m not so sure I want to continue using it, I may as well just figure out how to run the test binary under coverage and write the tests myself in Go.


(#kxlpuda) Oh btw… The reason a io.Writer is left out for “stderr” is that normally I tend to just set the logging output to os.Stderr, like log.SetOutput(os.Stderr) anyway and its not usually something I end up testing. Not sure if this is the best approach, but I’m only really interested in testing the “output”(s) and either error or non-error cases.


(#ix64jaa) Bingo! That’s just it 👌 Idioms.

That’s why you keep hearing about:

Idiomatic Go

Some years ago when I still actively developed in Python i twas:

Zen of Python

Every language has its strengths and weaknesses, like you , I really hate it when the Java or C++ crowd come bring their sillyridiculouss structures to nice languages like Go 😅 (I felt the same way about Python 2.x -> 3.x too, I just couldn’t write Python anymore 😅)


(#n5f7upa) yarnd actually has WebMentions support. But generally this doesn’t work very well as in practise I actually find WebMentions isn’t something used a lot. It also has to be supported on the other wise in the first place, which a lot of feeds just aren’t going to bother with. However that is one of the advantages of using yarnd, if someone does discover and @-mention you, your pod will be “pinged” and it’ll show up in your “Mentions” tab even if you don’t follow them.


(#ix64jaa) That’s the thing I really hate the most about programming languages and the communities that that eventually evolve around them. You end up with (as you rightfully point out) with folks from other languages come in and start touting ways to do things that may have made a lot of sense in one language but not necessary another. Standards are great and all, but they also take away the creativity that we all enjoy in this field in the first place. Conventions are better IMO.


💡 TIL: Today I learned that there is nothing special about pkg/ inside of Go projects. It is just like any other sub-package structure you might otherwise define in your project. It just adds an extra part to your imports. I think it’s actually confusing at best and just unnecessary typing and an unnecessary sub-structure. Just keep your packages in the top-level and be done with it 👌


(#kxlpuda) Yeah I actually use this technique a lot in GoNix for basically all the Applets. I think this makes it easier to test. The cmdtest package is kind of cool though really, it basically implements the same kind of test runner as you may (or may not) have seen in the Mercurial test suite. The test files in testdata are essentially text files that look a bit like you’ve run something on the console and copied pasted them. This is brilliant for e2e cli integration testing 👌 And yes it manages to run the test binary so that coverage can also be measured which is fantastic 👌 – Of course this does not preclude you from writing unit tests for any other parts of your package/library that have a public facing API – But if your public facing API is just the CLI then this is a perfect fit 👌


(#n5f7upa) So… This is basically not really possible in a decentralised social media like / Twtxt. The only way we can work around this is by growing the network and ecosystem enough to a point where things like other multi-user pods or a search engine might be able to pick-up on things like this, which you might be able to query for (in your client). The only other thing you can do is use tools such as the one built to parse your access_log for new followers.


(#2fvguza) To be honest I was actually joking. My wiki most definitely is half baked 😂 The thing is I’ve built very complex and elaborate wiki engines (wikis as we call them) back in the day, when PHP was still cool 😅 – This time however I didn’t really feel like building out a full-fledged wiki. Maybe I should? Would anyone use it? What would the minimum feature-set be? Would be interesting in doing up a nice SimpleCSS theme? I dunno 🤷‍♂️ OTOH I actually find HedgeDoc to be “not a bad little personal wiki” of sorts. It’s not really a wiki per se as I don’t do any “document linking” or such (I could I guess). But I tend to write a lot of personal, company and project docs there now… So 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in seeing more of these tiny little self-hosted aps grow, please either a) contribute or b) sponsor my on Github so I can pay other people to do the work for me 😅 (my time is already overloaded)


(#kxlpuda) Quickly tried out testcli and it’s a “no go” for me:

  • Its README is out-of-date and has an old reference to a package that had its import path changed (easily fixed)
  • Running the tests failed miserably as it could not find the greeting binary in the $PATH 🤦‍♂️

da fuq?! I guess this doesn’t do what I thought – which is to build the test binary and use that to run CLI tests against so you can actually measure coverage 😔



(#5h2f3rq) I quite like the colors being proposed here for pods and the landing page 👌 Really looking forward to having a fresh and consistent coat of point 😅 Just have to also apply this to our mobile all (Goryon) and finally publish that sucker to the app stores proper 🤣