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(#cy4gccq) Close, based on some of the work of uLinux 😅 – Still working on it, haven’t opened up the repo yet, but needless the init is basically entirely written in Go (with a few exceptions, like I’m using mdev from busybox, haven’t figured out how to replace that yet).


(#vzwh5ba) Actually, I’m really sorry about this. But I think I’m going to have to pull out. I blame myself, I was up till 3am last night working on something (shhh 🤫) and I got up late. We have friends over today so that’s going to collide 😅 You guys however can host a call (it’s a community thing anyway) and have a video Yarn and post what y’all talked about 🤗


(#ix5mbfa) Actually… EGO Power are actually really good shit 😅 They use 48v LiPo batteries (in this nice modular design) and all their “tools” and the motors they use in everything are fully brushless motors.

Essentially, runtimes are long, the motors are very very powerful (you could cut your leg off). They even have a chainsaw (which I have) as well as a powerful blow vac (air) and hedger, and gras trimmer (all of which we have).

The only one of their products that doesn’t cut the mustard (so to speak) is the Lawn Mower (not the ride-on one, I’m sure that thing is a powerful beast), which doesn’t cut out grass very well, which really is no fault of AGO as our grass is really of a thick and hard to cut variety 😅