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Came across this today. Interesting take on “Social Media”, if you read about it you’ll see a familiar set of values and concepts not too different from 👌

Tried to “Signup” but quickly realised I would not be able to post without an “Invite Code”, what a shame 😅

Anyway, I think it’s cool and interesting to see more concerted efforts to bring back the “good” in “social media” like it used to be back when it all started with blogs and status updates (remember Finger,, etc? 😂)

Speaking of which how did we go with the other one we found the other day and integrating it with the Twtxt spec and some of the extensions? – I feel like we should try to do the same with CoHost too – But at this point I’m not completely sure how to reach out to these three that are running this thing 🤔