(#22qa4ca) @prologic@twtxt.net Sometimes some “coding AI” spits out some partially useful snippet, and then one of us nerds panics and claims the end is nigh. I think that’s about it. 🤔

All these “AI” topics are extremely boring to me. (Traditional) computer stuff is a hobby and a passion of mine because I can understand it. How does an operating system work, how does a web server work, how does a keyboard work, how do you do 3D graphics, … All those are things that I can learn and understand, and that’s the thrill. But anything related to “AI”? It’s just statistics and a large model that spits out something for some reason … Super boring. I couldn’t be less interested.

And on top of that, “AI” requires a ton of energy (as far as I know), which we, as a species, cannot afford right now. It needs to stop.