Before we were sexually herrassed by flying ants in the end, we picked the first blackberries of the season on today’s hike. Very yummy, let me tell you!

It’s super dry everywhere, just have a look at the dried out grass in the first two photos. Two nights ago we had the first and biggest forest fire about eight kilometers away. The newspaper article claims that 7,000 m² (sic!) of forest were on fire. In the morning of that day the district fire chief introduced the new alarm plan for forest fires. Eight fire brigades responded with 83 fire fighters in 17 vehicles. Eight trucks shuttled 30,000 liters of water to the scene. Luckily, four and a half hours later they had it under control. A fire fighting drone specialists department of a neighboring fire service located several pockets of embers. I wasn’t even aware, that we have such specialists here in the county, pretty cool. Unfortunately, one fire man probably broke his Achilles tendon in this fire run, the article says.

Other than that, there had been four other wildland fires with a hedge, bunch of trees, a 20,000 m² big stubble fields and another vegetation fire since June in our county. I actually didn’t know that. Well, that’s all nothing compared to the fires they have in East Germany at the moment.