(#fg6uqfq) I just came across seven fireflies in total tonight, two females. However, I failed to get them even in frame. They were sitting pretty low and with all the hundreds of leaves around, I couldn’t position the camera so that they weren’t always in the way. You move around two centimeters left to right or up and down and couldn’t see them anymore. The display was also waaaay too bright so spot anything. I really do need an analog view finder. The second female was hiding somewhere in 07.

I played around with my torch’s green light and the camera for the first time. I have to practise and learn quite a bit. The tripod was definitely needed. With full zoom, the tripod was not rigid enough, though. Pressing the trigger button moved the cam quite a lot.

You might be able to make out Ursa Major in 06 in between the pixel errors. The clear night sky was very beautiful, I enjoyed it a lot. I also saw a bunch of satellites flying around. No shooting star, though.