(#uv4hlfa) @movq@www.uninformativ.de Yes, classical “Abraummulden” and “Abrollcontainer”. I haven’t heard of any numbers yet, but I imagine that 100 houses have been affected. Probably more.

Here are a few photos: https://eislingen-online.de/_artikelanzeige.php?bearbeiten=_2024/2024_1150

But it’s worse downstream in Ebersbach/Fils, if you want to read up on that. That’s where the noise barrier collapsed onto B10 (I was mistaken on that regard, though, it wasn’t the real river, but an overflowing water retention reservoir or something like that uphill that created a giant river, rushing down the streets and gardens, ripping out the accustic barrier). When water levels slightly dropped on Sunday evening, everybody here thought that we survived with only small damages, if at all. So the local fire service responded to help in Ebersbach where it had really escalated. However, they had to return shortly after, when a massive thunderstorm surprised us with very heavy rain and “land submerged” was reported back at home.