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anybody have any advice about picking out a desk chair? the one I’m using makes my butt go numb if I don’t have my feet propped up on something, and I’m starting to think that’s not just a Quirky Bisexual Trait


there seems to be a risk of people actually seeing my writing these days and it makes me go full hedgehog in the footnotes – four defensive footnotes is after they were pared down


there is one correct answer here and that answer is “seven dollars”, and I might also allow “six ninety nine” only if you live somewhere without any sales tax


i have a theory that when you meet someone who truncates something like “$6.99” in speech as “six dollars”, you know that person has never been broke


saw a lament for the decline of blogs …. because nothing has come to replace the Greatness of the Atheist Blogosphere takes all kinds, I guess


on some level I can’t help but think, like – yeah, it sucks when you handle something sparkly and sparkle comes off on your hands, but if your response is to start publishing takes about “therefore no one should make anything sparkly”, just…. don’t. you can be inconvenienced by things without their being Wrong


when people get pissy about what they think web performance should be and they use personal websites as examples, there are a lot of good reasons to roll your eyes at that, but…


astounded by the party of 3 i saw sit at a 2-top and one seat of an adjacent 4-top, and put jackets on the next seat over on the 4-top… who raised you like this


oh damn that’s because I totally missed the byline: it’s Michael Hobbes! if you like this piece check out the podcast Maintenance Phase, it’s a delight