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i thought some amount of the death of hyper energy in my life was, like, being nearly thirty and not a teenager but i regret forgetting how much of that came from listening to hardstyle


there isn’t a layer of abstraction that’s the “real” reasonable layer to know-all-the-way-down to. it’s entirely context-dependent. and given the context they actually work in, many Computer Men on the Internet would be better served by spending their time learning the higher and more human-interfacing layers better than bemoaning that the kids these days don’t appreciate SIMD or whatever


this is not a function of the angle at which the photo was taken. no I do not really want a large vehicle still, I’m just saying I understand the arms race logic


they don’t advertise how unpleasant it is when you don’t brush out long hair for like two days and then you have to fix whatever happened inside your bun during that time


my originally dibsed formulation was “Illuminaughty” which didn’t have search results at the time, but a friend gently guided me to the light. friends help friends workshop their bits


it’s one of those things where you can roll some of it around and say that it’s nuanced and complicated and refer to its original context but also then, downstream of tolkien, you look at What The Culture Did With The Idea Of Evil Fantasy Races and….. yike


idk i am equally annoyed with facile “well it’s like the printing press” and “it’s obviously not like the printing press” just because everybody and their uncle thinks They Learned What Was Up With The Printing Press (In High School)


i want to make a /uses page like but i object on principle to segmenting off the “tech” technology that i use. i have a very nice trowel that is very good at cutting roots and it is just as much technology as my light up desk mat


notably, the guy driven out was not espousing anything that wasn’t deeply mainstream. this isn’t about qanon vs liberation theology


“aren’t you cold?” people say, doubtfully looking at bare legs under a skirt. fools!! the legs have insulation! it is the forearms that are miserable


if i insulate my throat/chest it keeps itself cozy. my fingers/toes get numb as they get cold so they don’t impact my comfort much. the real leverage is at the wrists and ankles which my circulatory system refuses to warm but which still feel the chill


that’s one thing that i hope people from less wildfire-wrought places know: normally, imagine something closer to a burning oven than a campfire


fun wildfire facts: the fire originating closer doesn’t necessarily make the smoke worse (since lots of factors can dissipate it) but it does seem to make it smell more like you’re being carefully prepared for the table with mesquite grilling pellets